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Twitter クリップ 2016/06/12

Kenneth Bradley ‏@KBradJStorm Jun 6

I miss when I could steal strategies from other Cammy Players. So far all I can steal is ALWAYS doing V-Skill & DP'ing more sigh WHY WHY WHY

Antonio Javier ‏@CoolGrayAJ Jun 6

@KBradJStorm Because fundamentals. Game is new.

Kenneth Bradley ‏@KBradJStorm Jun 6

@CoolGrayAJ A game being new shouldn't give players an excuse to play all wild & crazy though.

Eduardo Perez


@KBradJStorm @CoolGrayAJ The game has no personality. Everyone is trying to do the same thing. Throw -> Shimmy rinse and repeat.

  • so far これまでのところ
  • fundamental 基本
  • personality 個性
  • shimmy シミー。相手の投げスカリを誘う行動を指す用語
  • rinse and repeat = repeat